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Opie Crawls

YAY! Opie crawled for the first time today.View full post »

Designer Babies

During the break I got to hang one of my best friends and fellow designer, Eva Talley. And we finally got to introduceView full post »

Opie’s First 1st Thanksgiving

He loved it so much he couldn’t get enough! It seems now he’s banned anything but blended table food. AndView full post »

Falling… in Love

The leaves are falling. The air is crisp. The colors are beautiful. I love the fall. Playing in the leaves is always funView full post »

Baby’s got a new pair a shoes

Opie’s first shoes arrived today and I couldn’t resist a photo op. I’m in love with his cute littleView full post »

The Rock-N-Scoot: An Opie Update

He may need his own fan club soon. I get in trouble (even from clients) when I go too long without an Opie update, lol.View full post »

Opie goes to the beach

Well, it rained nearly our whole trip with the exception of the day we left so when Opie woke us up shortly after dawnView full post »

My Joolz

A package arrived on my front porch a few weeks ago with some fabulous joolz inside… joolz of my jewels actually.View full post »

First Meal

Mmmmm Yum! And another one of his faces…View full post »

Hand Sandwich Anyone?

Anyone? He’s completely willing to share! We’re in the beginning stages of teething… View full post »

A New Face

One of the many faces of Baby Opie!View full post »

In the Jungle

I am sure my clients are tired of seeing his sweet face, but my family has been anxiously awaiting new images of littleView full post »

A Working Mom

I’ve resorted to this… carrying around a sleeping baby in this interesting sling-wrap-shirt-thingy (theView full post »

And then he smiled…

…and her heart melted…     View full post »