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  • For the Love of Blogging began many years ago as the space for a young (and slightly naive) design school graduate. Since that time, I've grown a bit wiser and (hopefully) matured in my design perspective. So, my goals for this blog have evolved, and now I look forward to using this space as a way of sharing my experiences with Braizen, motherhood, and as a Jedi Master of design.

  • That's me: mom, greatest wife ever, designer, business owner, and the single largest contributer to Diet Mountain Dew's vast soda fortune. It's hard to believe that my journey into design and branding began nearly a decade ago with this blog and a drive to create dynamic brands for boutique photographers in the Atlanta area. Today, I'm the founder of Braizen, a small business branding design firm, and I dabble in a handful of other design-centered projects. This is my life, thanks for reading. Look for me on DribbbleFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram or head over to Opieh Studios to see all works in progress.

  • You read right – our's son's name is Opie. Well, his really name is Oliver Paul, but everyone calls him Opie. He's a real cool kid who loves to draw, makes messes, get dirty and work on cars with his Dad. He knows no strangers even at 4 years old and we expect he'll never be the shy kid in class. He is known for his many expressions and the conversations he spurs are off-the-wall-hilarious. He has an imaginary friend from California named Jack who is six and can drive. He's not really into social networking yet, but stay tuned. I am sure he'll add a twitter app to his iPad shortly.

  • Aside from being incredibly handsome, my husband Paul is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. I love him for his nerdiness, mostly because it means he can fix just about anything that goes wrong on the homefront. He's a brilliant engineer, loving father, and always manages to keep me interested, no matter the subject. For all of his awesomeness, I let him maintain a significant workshop in the garage, where he tinkers on his cars, motorcycles, and top secret projects with which I'm certain he will one day rule the world.

Chug Along : House Update : Sept 2012

“Four more week!” – I’ve been saying this since July and here it is September, Fall no less! But for real, this crazy house project is ALMOST done. It’s all weekend warrior bits at this point, which is why it’s taken so long. There’s just no more budget… it’s over budget. I mean, duh! Let me just tell ya, Building a house is not for the faint at heart. Still to come… staining concrete, complete plumbing, install all 3 AC units, final insulation, grade and seed backyard, install cabinet hardware, complete hardwood floor staining, final trim details, hang interior doors, install all door knobs, pour concrete parking pad, final grading and gravel for driveway, landscaping and move-in. I am 100% positive that I’ve missed something, but it’s only a few big things and a lot of little things… check it out… Please excuse the lame iPhone photos.

Half bath and mudroom got a fabulous herringbone tile floor – installed by my super talented brother, Walter. Yeap… that’s faux wood tile floor! Can’t beat it at around $1.50 per sf. Seriously!

The hardwoods came out stunning and they aren’t even stained yet! It’s a mix of #1 and #2 Red Oak… the widest boards you can get. We got the deal of a lifetime too. It helps to have friends in the flooring biz who have friends with leftovers in their garage.

This is my all-time favorite part of the whole house… the covered part will eventually be screened (i think). We may love it so much without. We haven’t had bug problems yet so we’ll see. The deck runs the entire length of the house. Can you say “Party time!”? But Ouch! Do you know how much outdoor furniture costs?

Opie has been loving this process every step of the way. A construction site is full of all kinds of all-boy fun… bugs, scrap treasures, and lots and lots of DIRT. 

Believe it or not… all our cabinets came from Ikea. We have them in our house now and love them. Saved us around 16K!Yummy granite in the master bath. Arctic White. We got all our granite for $30 per sf or less.

We are opting for a full size double fridge and freezer instead of a cooktop and double oven – which actually saved us money. We found a double convection oven with 6 burner range instead and added a convection microwave. Cookie Day, anyone?

This is our antique store find turned guest/office bathroom vanity. It’s gonna look pretty sweet when it’s done. Still have to finish painting and remodel the drawer.

This is just one of MANY craiglist finds. We HAD TO buy something to mow 11 acres with! This just came home this weekend. Just a little tweaking and it will be ready to go.

More to still to come! Stay tuned!

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Something to look forward to

I’ve done more yard work in the last 3 months than I’ve done in my entire life. I keep telling myself that it will all be worth. It will be worth it! But 11 acres is a really big yard so I expect it will never be done. Ha!

I look forward to Saturdays full of hard work and Sundays lounging in my hammock and picnics with friends and family. I’ve been working on the hammock spot today. Can’t wait to get that baby up and rockin’ and curl up with my kindle.


December 4, 2012 - 11:38 pm

rona - So beautiful!

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