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  • For the Love of Blogging began many years ago as the space for a young (and slightly naive) design school graduate. Since that time, I've grown a bit wiser and (hopefully) matured in my design perspective. So, my goals for this blog have evolved, and now I look forward to using this space as a way of sharing my experiences with Braizen, motherhood, and as a Jedi Master of design.

  • That's me: mom, greatest wife ever, designer, business owner, and the single largest contributer to Diet Mountain Dew's vast soda fortune. It's hard to believe that my journey into design and branding began nearly a decade ago with this blog and a drive to create dynamic brands for boutique photographers in the Atlanta area. Today, I'm the founder of Braizen, a small business branding design firm, and I dabble in a handful of other design-centered projects. This is my life, thanks for reading. Look for me on DribbbleFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram or head over to Opieh Studios to see all works in progress.

  • You read right – our's son's name is Opie. Well, his really name is Oliver Paul, but everyone calls him Opie. He's a real cool kid who loves to draw, makes messes, get dirty and work on cars with his Dad. He knows no strangers even at 4 years old and we expect he'll never be the shy kid in class. He is known for his many expressions and the conversations he spurs are off-the-wall-hilarious. He has an imaginary friend from California named Jack who is six and can drive. He's not really into social networking yet, but stay tuned. I am sure he'll add a twitter app to his iPad shortly.

  • Aside from being incredibly handsome, my husband Paul is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. I love him for his nerdiness, mostly because it means he can fix just about anything that goes wrong on the homefront. He's a brilliant engineer, loving father, and always manages to keep me interested, no matter the subject. For all of his awesomeness, I let him maintain a significant workshop in the garage, where he tinkers on his cars, motorcycles, and top secret projects with which I'm certain he will one day rule the world.

Easter Weekend 2012

I don’t take enough pictures of Opie anymore – sad, I know. It’s partly because I hate lugging the equipment out and partly because he doesn’t cooperate much these days. I actually thought the effort was completely wasted last weekend when I forced Opie into a photo session while we were working at the property. Amazingly – we were able to get a lot of great shots.

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Sleeping Sideways

I peek in Opie’s room every night after the Sandman has paid him a visit. There’s just something so innocent about seeing your child sleeping so soundly especially when they resembled a freight train an hour beforehand. It’s one of my favorite parenting past-times. We’re a late night kind of family so bedtime is pushing 9:30 a lot of the time, but Opie sleeps ’til 8am anyway. Yes – I do know that I have it made.:)I digress…

I walked in his room tonight to find him sleeping totally sideways in his bed on top of his mountain of pillows. It’s such a little thing, but it made me laugh out loud. Perhaps sleeping sideways is a break from the norm and he’ll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Maybe I should try sleeping sideways… just for the heck of it.

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Sorry, I fell off the planet.

I’ve been very bad about keeping up with this blog… very, very bad. So much has happened since June 2009 (which is when I blogged last – yikes!). I figure it was time to revive this blog and I have plans to convert it to more of a personal stream of consciousness… so watch out! Here’s a few updates about what’s happened and what’s going on now… more detailed updates coming soon. New design first – updates later.

PERSONAL: Opie’s almost FOUR for goodness sake! He’s developed such a fabulous personality. My little baby is now a little boy! We’re also building a house (umm… the forever house) on a really awesome 11 acre lot bordering Lake Allatoona complete with pond and pasture.

BUSINESS UPDATE: Luxecetera came and went. We created a lot of fabulous art, but sadly the time came to go our separate ways… bittersweet reality. I started anew and together with my bother, Walter and my cousin, Tyrie and a handful and several awesome designers and employees and we’re running several divisions / disciplines of design of our parent company, Opieh Studios.

Braizen is our branding and custom design division. Swoone is our template division dedicated to providing great design for photographers. Wax & Ink is our custom stationery division creating custom and pre-made high-end wedding, event and personal stationery. And Patternerd is our division dedicated to creating surface and textile design. We’re still working on Wax & Ink and Patternerd and hope to get those websites up shortly. Note to self: figure out how to clone myself or time travel.

That’s it in a very small nutshell. We might be down for a few days while we get moving with a new design, but we’ll be right back. I would add pictures to this post, but sadly wordpress is SO out-of-date that it just can’t do it. I’m off to update in between working…

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Logo Lounge 5

Logo Lounge 5 arrived on my doorstep this afternoon! So excited to see my work in a book!! Congrats to Tiffiney Photography and Premier Baby Concierge! Pick up a copy of the book here.

It also looks like 3 more logos will be included in Logo Lounge 6 as well!!

June 30, 2009 - 8:20 am

Cass - Congratulations! That’s really cool – can’t wait to see mine!

June 30, 2009 - 10:30 am

Kayla - Congrats! I love the Logo Lounge books! I’ll have to go buy this one!

July 26, 2009 - 10:27 pm

Shannon - So cool! Congrats!!!

October 20, 2009 - 3:17 pm

Jena Petersen - Ashley,

I have been following your blog for some time and am sad to see that you don’t update anymore. Did I miss a memo for a new site? I love your work! Additionally we both have little boys that are close in age, it has been fun seeing your updates on Opie too.

Hope you are well,

Jena Petersen, Seward Alaska

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