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Behind the Logo

I posted this long ago on my old blog, but lately I’ve had several people ask about my logo so here’s the story behind the For the Love of Creating Logo…

“I call them concepts for a reason. There is meaning behind any design – some have more meaning than others. It was incredibly important that my own logo be very conceptual (this is the fru-fru word that they throw around in design school – tehe). I don’t know why, but that always tickled me. As if a logo goes through the same stages as human conception and birth, but it kinda does actually. So… I should try to explain the meaning behind the name, eh?

For the Love of Creating came about because I was beginning to wonder why I take my work so seriously… it’s because I am creating something that I love. I just cannot stand to let a logo or a portrait go to a client that is sub-par.

I’ll let this silly little diagram below explain…”

October 10, 2008 - 7:20 am

ross - its a great explanation, your works definately refreshing

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